Verification Badge is a feature which makes you a verified user in Changa App. It can be noticed by a ‘Blue Tick’ mark on your profile. It also boosts your reach .You need to have a minimum 15k followers to be eligible for Verification Badge and you must be uploading videos regularly.

Your profile generally gets verified within 48 hrs, if you follow the proper procedure.

Please take the reference from this Youtube video of Changa (Also, please subscribe the channel)

Yes, you need to post the video to your Instagram account because it will indirectly increase your fan following in Changa and you will get more likes, views, comments and more reach. Please make sure to use #changarocks in instagram for the verified videos.

If you remain an active user of the Changa app and regularly upload videos then your videos will get boosted views and you will be given first priority for next changa benefits or new features.

If you haven't got the verification badge within 48 hrs then you can directly mail us at

In Bottom Navigation Panel you will see search icon → on Top you'll see various challenges banner click on it and participate Some Benefits:- Winners will be announced in Instagram and facebook this projection will make you famous, You will be rewarded, you may be featured in future and many more benefits waiting.

Users must upload quality videos with original and meaningful content. Uploaded video must have a Changa logo only. Use only one hashtag for one challenge while uploading the video. It's a must to update the Changa app regularly to get new features.

Regularly make quality videos, make sure to update your profile section with relevant social media channels like your Instagram, Facebook account link, Youtube channel link etc. You can also share your uploaded video on Instagram or Facebook so that more users can appreciate your video.

Yes, pre-recorded videos can be re-edited and uploaded on Changa app by clicking on the Upload button (middle one) and choosing the 2nd option i.e, Edit Video.

You can send messages to other users using our in-app messaging feature. You just go to the profile of your friend → upper right you see a chat icon, click on it and you can send a message. You can see messages by clicking on Activity from the bottom navigation section and the click on ‘Show messages', you’ll see a list of sent and received messages by different users.

Yes you can, but please make sure that you link it only with your original TikTok ID only. If you link it with someone else's ID, then it won’t unlink.

We recover only a few videos everyday, so it might take few days for all videos to recover. You can claim the videos you are interested in first and then recover others at later point in time

We will fetch only 3 videos per day from TikTok. Any more than that and it won’t be imported.

Only Public videos of TikTok will be displayed.

If you face any issue then please add a query in the ‘Support’ option (user’s profile page → top right setting icon → Support) and it will be solved ASAP.

In case your TikTok ID has been linked with some other account, send us a proof of your TikTok profile to prove genuinity or you can send us proper Government Id proof with visible photographs such as Adhar card, Voter id etc. After you’ve sent us the proof and get satisfied, we will unlink the ID from that profile and link it with yours.

It will take same time to revert the changes to your profile.

Yes, For verification you need to send us Tik-Tok profile screenshot or any Government ID proof with a photo.

Changa Exclusive membership is a special membership where when a user joins he/she will get a boost up in Changa App in terms of Views and Followers.

It supports small and medium sized creators who are continuously making good and original content on Changa app.

For that you have to create original content and actively participate in changa hashtag challenges.
  • Firstly and foremostly, Need to produce original content ( no copy paste from other app) on a changa app i.e, you must be an original creator.

There will be a special Changa Exclusive member badge.

Badges will be displayed on the profile section.

Visibility will be boosted upto 2 to 5 times and your followers will increase rapidly, according to your performance.

No, it can be revoked.

How can we enable Changa Exclusive membership forever?
You have to follow few of our terms and conditions
  • Atleast post a quality and original video on changa’s current running hashtags.
  • Every week you have to post at least one video mandatorily.