How To Advertise Your Mobile Application For Free?

How To Advertise Your Mobile Application For Free?

204 billion mobile applications were downloaded in 2019 and the application market is continually developing. The opposition for the client’s consideration is wild – assuming you need to stand apart from the group you will need to construct an exceptional item, yet additionally, come up with an amazing application advertisement strategy through which you can advertise your Mobile application.

While promotion is a critical part of a fruitful application dispatch, it doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. The following are 10 thoughts free of paid application advancement. But before that let’s get a brief overview of what is app promotion. And why is it important?

What Is Mobile Application Promotion?

App advertisement is a bunch of strategies with which your app can become noticeable to the clients and it’ll rank on the top in-app store. It is the best method to interact with the clients from when they find out about your app to after they become your unwavering clients. App marketing is a decent approach to the advancement of an app utilizing multi-channels.


As the well-known saying goes, “if you build it, they will come” – unfortunately, this isn’t generally the situation with regards to delivering another mobile app into the market. It isn’t uncommon for designers to spend up to $10,000 making an app, yet dreams can immediately reach a conclusion on the off chance that you don’t consider a marketing system when dispatching your application into the Google Play or iTunes app stores.

In excess of 33% of all traffic arriving at an ordinary retail site is by means of a cell phone as it’s not difficult to perceive any reason why a few firms are presently endeavoring to make a much more approachable stage for clients in a hurry. With a normal of 35,000 new apps presented on Android gadgets alone every month, in any case, marketing your most recent app to arrive at the ideal measure of individuals and the right interest group can undoubtedly turn into a troublesome and regularly overwhelming undertaking.

Exploiting more than one marketing channel can build the likelihood of the flourishing advancement of your new portable application.

One of the essential components of any mobile app technique is to put along an extensive and sound marketing plan that grows into the various roads for building mindfulness, increasing downloads, and promoting sharing. Hence, market your apps using great techniques to build up on essential growth.

How To Advertise Your App For Free?

Many of us are of the idea that a good promotion strategy requires a lot of funds. And if we don’t have funds, we might as well forget about app promotion. Well, that is not the case. There are plenty of ideas that can be considered to advertise your apps for free.

However, do not think that free means no work. If you are looking to advertise your app for free, you have to put in a lot of hard work. Here are 20 ideas to use to advertise your apps for free.

1. Optimize Your App On Play/App Store

The first step in any marketing strategy is optimization. Now, with the help of google and AppStore, you can optimize your app for free. More than 50% of applications are discovered on the app store. It is crucial to understand that here is where your app gets its popularity. Therefore, app store optimization is extremely imperative. Do your research and pick the right name, the crisp yet informative description, and enough app videos and screenshots.

You can learn more about app store optimization here

2. A Landing Page

A smart thought for mobile application marketing is to create a landing page. It will allow you an opportunity to all the more likely impart the advantages related with your application, address any inquiries that your potential clients may have, and incorporate tributes that will help your existence. Making a landing page will also make your application discoverable via web search tools – this can establish an extraordinary number of clients.

3. Ask For Reviews

Reviews are the best way to drive more crowds towards your application. Therefore, ask your existing clients to leave a review on the play/app store. One positive review can trigger hundreds of clients to use your app. Also, don’t just leave the review out there. Reply to each review whether good or bad. Remember taking criticism constructively is a positive sign and will lead to more user attraction.

4. Write Guest Posts

Guest posts are a wonderful way to not only promote your application but to create a bunch of backlinks. Find good websites that are of high relevance and try to get your story published on them. This will help promote your app and also create backlinks. The more the backlinks the more your ranking on Google. This will automatically attract clients to your app.

5.Podcast Featuring

Podcasts are growing rapidly – as of January 2020, there are over 900k podcasts accessible on iTunes, while there are more than 1 billion online podcasts around the world. This makes the podcasting space less serious than composed substance – exploit it while it keeps going. Select a couple podcasts that your ideal interest group pays attention to and attempt to get highlighted as a guest speaker. It’s an extraordinary method to get the news out about your application to an enormous crowd free of charge.

6. Influencer Marketing

It is one of the easiest ways to promote your application. We understand you might be thinking that partnering with an influencer will make you run out of money in a second. But no, that is not the case we are talking about. Instead of partnering with big influencers, try targeting small influencers. Work with micro-influencers or tech enthusiasts who have a decent social media following.

Get them attracted to your application, on the off chance that they choose to utilize it and they like it, they may review your application and post it on their social media channels.

Sprout Social has a great influencer marketing strategy pointers that you should look into. Here

7. Pitch To App Store Editors

You can attempt to pitch your application to App Store editors to have it highlighted in the “Today” tab. Remember that they get a huge number of pitches every day, so you need to guarantee your pitch is carefully created. Blueprint what your application does and what’s interesting in it.

While looking into applications, Apple editors focus on high application quality, smooth plan, and great narrating. In case you’re sufficiently fortunate to get chosen, you can rely on an enormous number of impressions, click-throughs, and introductions.


8. Partner With Other Applications

Another idea for successful app promotion is partnering with apps that are complementary to yours. For instance, if you sell a survey app, then you could partner with a brand selling a Customer Relationship Management platform. You can do a cross-promotion – they could feature your app in the newsletter sent to their customer base and you could do the same for them.

10. Demo Video

Release a demo video. According to a survey more than 50% of the users want to see a demo video of the application that they are about to use. In order to attract more users to your application, create a short demonstrative video. Portray what your app does best in that video. And make sure you promote it on your website, social media channels and platforms.

10. Referrals

Last but not the least, create a referral system to encourage your existing users to invite their friends to download your app. You can include a “refer a friend” button in your app and offer users rewards for each referral. While the users get a chance to earn a little money, you can get a decent amount of promotion for your application.

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