Best Apps For Making Video memes - For Instagram

Best Apps For Making Video memes – For Instagram

Today’s era is very speedy, wanting everything to be dealt with as quickly as possible. Be it studies or even movie watching, we want everything to be told in a minimalistic manner so that it isn’t too difficult to understand. A similar thing has happened with exchanging messages. Previously, people used to exchange texts but they felt it was too time-taking. To save that, we had the advent of emojis that can be used for expressing feelings like happiness, sadness, joy, anger, and other emotions.

After that came the time of videos. People became to share them for fun, but even that became boring pretty quickly. In reply to this came memes, that has exploded like wildfire throughout the digital world. They’re easy to share, simple, and give the message accurately.

With the rise in their popularity, many people have started to learn how they can make one. But there isn’t a proper site where they can gather enough information. To help with that, we’re prepared this blog where you know the tools to make your own memes.

What is a Meme?

A meme is an idea, behavior, or style that is spread via the Internet, often through social media platforms, and especially for humorous purposes. What is considered a meme may vary across different communities on the Internet and is subject to change over time. Traditionally, memes consisted of a combination of image macros and a concept or catchphrase, but the concept has since become broader and more multi-faceted, evolving to include more elaborate structures such as challenges, GIFs, videos, and viral sensations.

Now that we’re clear with the basics of a Meme, let’s see the sites you can use to make more memes.

Zombodroid’s Video and GIF Memes

The coolest memes are always GIFs, and if you want a powerful app that lets you manipulate moving and still images then ZomboDroid‘s Video and GIF Memes is one of the best options. You can customize the text in any way you want while the app also lets you combine videos, GIFs, and photos into a single file.

The library contains millions of GIFs you can freely use to create your own hilarious memes. You can control the frame rate, speed, or repetition of each GIF you edit with this incredibly fun app.

Power Director

Looking for a video editor for iOS or Android devices? You’ve come to the right place. PowerDirector delivers professional-grade video editing in a streamlined app. The powerful system has everything you need to make funny video memes.

PowerDirector makes meme creation effortless and is the best app for meme-makers who want total control over their content’s look and feel. Upload your videos from your phone, and you can add special effects, text, or music.


Over 100.000 installs on Google Play show just how good this meme generator really is. Mematic is designed to create memes quickly and effortlessly, so you can just add captions and share the meme with your friends.

The app only offers basic text formatting tools, and there are no photo editing options. However, downloading Mematic for free will enable you to gain access to hundreds of classic meme pictures to which you can add your captions. The app’s interface is intuitive so you won’t have any problems making memes, even if you never used the Mematic app before.

Meme Producer

Share memes in three simple steps. Choose a picture, add a caption and share a meme on any popular social media platform. Meme Producer lets you combine several images in a single meme and enables you to change a caption with a single tap.

Captions generated with this app can have more than one line, which is great if the text you want to add contains more than two sentences. The app can be downloaded for free from the AppStore and it contains no ads or watermarks.

GATM Meme Generator

Besides being a powerful meme generator this app also offers an easy way to discover new memes. The browsable content is updated daily, so you’ll always be in touch with the latest meme trends.

The app features a huge template library, and you can upload your own images too. The GATM Meme Generator can be downloaded for free, but the text formatting tools offer only basic options. All generated memes are watermark-free and they can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, or numerous other social media platforms directly from the app.

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