12 Best Bigo App Alternatives In India - Earn Coins 2021

12 Best Bigo App Alternatives In India – Earn Coins 2021

Short video applications are a big hit ever since the ban of Tik-Tok. One such application that is going around is, Bigo. Bigo has gained a lot of popularity and is amongst the best short video applications around. However, Bigo is not the only one.

Through today’s article, we will give you the best Bigo app alternatives in India. So you can enjoy the best of all. But before we get any deeper into what applications are available, let me brief you about live/short video applications and Bigo itself.

What are Live/Short video Applications?

Live video applications are simple yet significant short video applications that are used for entertainment purposes. Through these apps, you can create content to entertain, educate, promote business, and whatnot.

And to get to live streaming, live streaming is a form of online video streaming that records and broadcasts media to an online audience in real-time. Video live streaming, which is also typically referred to as streaming, differs from pre-recorded videos since they cannot be cut, edited, and censored. 

What is Bigo Live?

Bigo Live is a live streaming platform owned by Singapore-based BIGO Technology, which was founded in 2014 by David Li and Jason Hu. As of 2019, BIGO Technology is owned by Joyy, a Chinese company listed on the NASDAQ.

Viewers can support their favorite broadcasters with in-app gifts, and some extremely popular broadcasters use the app as full-time employment.

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10 Best Bigo App Alternatives In India

1. Facebook Live

Facebook Live

Facebook is a quite common social media platform with millions of users all over the world. It also has a feature known as Facebook Live which is free to use. Once your videos get a certain number of views and followers, you can start to earn money through Facebook as well. Facebook tops the list of best bigo app alternatives in India.

2. YouTube Live

YouTube live
Youtube Live

YouTube Live is another common social media platform that you can use to stream. Streaming is one of the activities that you can perform through YouTube. However, Youtube is also used as a pre-recorded video uploading platform. And with the newest YouTube shorts feature, you can make short videos through YouTube as well. Youtube comes second in the list of best bigo app alternatives in India.

3. Changa App

Changa App

Changa is a short video platform that was launched shortly after the demise of Tik-Tok from India. Changa has recently launched a live streaming feature through which creators can Go live and earn money.

The user-friendly interface of this app allows creators to easily earn coins through their audience, and once they have 1000 coins, they can redeem them. They will receive money in their Paytm wallets. Changa can easily be used to stream live and create short video content too.

4. Bolo Indya

Bolo Indya

Bolo Indya is another Indian live streaming application launched after the demise of Tik-Tok from India. Bolo Indya is mostly famous for its short video creation feature, however, it also has a feature where you can live stream and earn money. The viewers can give gifts starting from Rs10 To Rs1000. These gifts can later be monetized into cash.

There is no specific cashing out limit. It all depends upon your credibility and popularity.

5. Twitch


Twitch is an already established live streaming platform. While it is stereotyped for gamers, other creators can also stream content.

Twitch is quite well established and has a huge creator-audience base. Therefore, the competition is high. You have to be dedicated and patient to make huge on twitch.

6. Tango Live

Tango Live

The Tango live app is one of the famous live streaming apps available in India. Its interface is quite friendly and allows users to follow their beloved and watch their content.

It is also a great way to earn via streaming. While live streaming using the application, the audience may give their favorite creators gifts, which helps them earn diamonds. These diamonds can later be redeemed for money.

7. Streamkar


Streamkar is yet another kind of live streaming application that allows users to play games, stream videos, and do a bunch of activities to get tipped. Once the broadcaster or the user gets tipped, they can redeem these coins to earn money.

8. LiveMe Pro

liveme pro
liveme pro

LiveMe Pro has a well-established community of streamers and is amongst the most popular social media platforms. Here streamers can also broadcast and earn coins which can be exchanged for rewards or cash. You can either take a prize or cash your coins.

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9. Uplive

Uplive has a worldwide live streaming base, Uplive users can earn up to $500 per month on average. Users can easily connect, interact with streamers all over the world.

10.Meme Live

Meme live app is another live streaming-based application. Live streaming and broadcasting through meme live is a very easy task as you can be a host or a recruiter. Becoming a host or a recruiter comes with its own set of benefits. You can earn from around 6000-1Lakh INR in a month.

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11. Loco

Loco is a mostly famous as a gaming application. But what users do not know is you can earn money on Loco through live streaming. You can stream live while playing your favourite game and simutaneously earn money through it.

There is no cashing out limit.

12. JL Stream

J L Stream launches globally. Discover. Chat. Earn.

Last but not the least is JL Stream. JL stream is a live streaming application createdly specifically for the Indian audience. It is also a short video application but can be used to live stream and earn money easily.

You can purchase in-app coins and instantly gift to your favourite creator. Also these payments can be digitally withdrawn so you would not have to worry about your money going to waste.

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