Can Changa app make you famous?

Can Changa app make you famous?

Changa app has been soaring the short-video app market since its arrival and touching new highs each passing day. The new TikTok linking feature has only made the users more interested in the app. The app has got more than 3 Million downloads on Play Store and the numbers keep increasing.

So you must be wondering if the app is that famous then can I use it to gain fame? Yes, you can do so very easily. We’re going to discuss how to become famous in Changa. But before that let us have a brief description of Changa.

What is Changa?

Changa is an India-based free short video app that has been launched recently on the Play Store. It is designed for people to showcase their innovative videos inline with our theme of light humor. Changa provides an easy and seamless interface for users to create, edit, and share their videos, and at the same time browse through a library of top videos across the globe.

It has got a decent amount of downloads and can be a good alternative to TikTok. On the play store, it got more than 1000000 downloads within just 7 weeks of release and has a rating of 4.4 given by more than 1000 users.

The User interface of the app is quite similar to TikTok, so you won’t find it difficult to use. Along with this, you have the option to share videos, WhatsApp statuses, and much more stuff.

How to become famous on Changa?

To become famous, the steps you need to followed are mentioned below.

  1. You need to be as frequent as possible. You need to be active on Changa and keep providing the viewers with your content.
  2. You need to be actively participating in the comments section of other videos. It helps in your engagement with the user community.
  3. Provide good content to the viewers. VIewers love to watch videos that are good in content and provide entertainment.
  4. Make videos on topic that are trending at that moment. Trending topics are more appealing to the viewers than those that have got old. The key to making a hit video is to be consistent in whatever you’re putting for the people. Consistency plays a big role in your success.


Short video apps give everyone a platform to show their talent to the world and grow their user base. The key to becoming hit on Changa or any other app for that matter is the consistency and patience to maintain it. Content of your video also plays an important role but that effect comes into the picture after you have been consistent for a long time. Hope this helps you.

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