How To Change Background Audio of a Video?

How To Change Background Audio of a Video?

Short video applications have become immensely popular in India and there are millions of creators working on unique content. After TikTok was outlawed in India, many applications quickly took their place as alternatives and took the market by storm. There is a particularly huge base of users in India for the short video segment, no wonder why it is so prevalent and visible almost everywhere.

Almost every social media application now has short videos as a part of its UI and there is no stopping to it. Rightly so, the users are not only gaining popularity and recognition but also serving as a great entertainment option on online platforms. Short videos are fun to create and share and making them is super easy. For this blog, we shall go through how to change the background audio of a video.

Changing the Background Audio

Changing the background audio for a video is actually very easy. The first step would be to record a video. By going to the video tab in the camera section of the app, explore the video tools and templates to record. Once the video recording is complete, there are multiple ways to edit the background sound.

By clicking on the ‘Add Sound’ option on the top of the screen, you can select the audio from a wide range of web options, and also choose from the top popular audios. Other than that, there is an option of local audio as well, so the users can pick any audio from the internal device memory. There is also a dubbing option that appears on clicking the tick mark after making a video, where dialogues and songs can be dubbed as background audio.

To help in making things easier for you, we’ve prepared a list of apps that you can use to edit the background audio.

1. VivaVideo – Video Editor & Video Maker

This is a free video editor. You can add song pictures to your video. If you work with videos, this app will help you quickly edit them. You can also create a tik tok video. Add lyrics to your music videos.

You can also add subtitles. This is a professional video editor that has many different special effects. Crop, cut, merge, copy, and paste video parts.

Combine video fragments. You can make your video longer or shorter. You can make your background a bluer. Create a professional video. Speed up your video with music.

You can also slow it down. Create video presentations. If you need to create an interesting project, this app will help you do it. The app will allow you to add small and funny stickers.

You can quickly add text to the video. Change its font and color. You can highlight important parts of the text. This will help you make a video greeting for your friends or soulmate.

2. Magisto Video Editor

Are you looking for a modern video editor? Here he is. This app will allow you to edit your video and add music to it. Work in this app is simple. You won’t get confused. You can attract a lot of attention.

Share videos with music on social networks. You can combine several photos to create a slide show of them. Remember to select the coolest music.

Become a video superhero. You will notice how it will become easy for you to process the video. The app has powerful artificial intelligence that will help you in your work. Get hints from the app. You can add beautiful filters to your videos to make them more attractive. Try different video tools. You quickly adapt to the design of the app.

3. iMovie

Are you looking for a professional app that lets you add music to videos? We found it. Download this app and you will get access to a multifunctional video editor. You can use the Hollywood model. It will make your videos beautiful. This app will help you create a whole movie. Choose the best videos and photos. The app itself will do all the work. You can customize the settings.

You can record video directly in the app. Use 8 unique themes for videos. You can also add audio effects. The app has a transition. You can improve the video by adding filters. Use slow motion. You can also speed up your video or snippets. Add the picture in the picture. Choose your favorite song and the app will match the length and sound.

4. InShot

Even though Instagram has the function of adding music to the videos nowadays, in some countries this music is still unavailable or it takes such a long time to load that followers prefer to watch your videos in stories without music at all. That’s why adding the background music to the initial video is still a thing.

InShot is a simply perfect app for that. It allows you to quickly add music to the video, removing or not the original sound. All you have to do for that is to upload your video here, then go to the sound section and choose the music library. There you will be able to choose one of the tracks you already got on your phone.

Easy to Use and a Lot To Explore

Creating short videos is easy and there are a lot of templates to explore within the app. There are so many unique creators around the world who are producing innovative content each day, and it is being followed by hundreds and thousands of people. The followers can create their own versions of a trend and showcase their innovative skills. This is primarily how a user gains recognition and popularity.

The wide range of tools and samples available in applications makes it easy to initiate. There is no rocket science about it and anyone can start with the most basic videos. Given the smooth interface and constant assistance that the app provides, there is no difficulty in creating smooth videos.

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