How to make a lip-sync video?

How to make a lip-sync video?

Who doesn’t love making videos? They seem too small but store so many of our precious memories so we can see them in the future and reminisce those moments. But with the advent of short videos, the old-school videos have taken a backseat. Now, people are more interested in making 15-60 second videos and sharing them with their friends and family.

One new fad among the youngsters is lip-synching. Basically, it’s like someone else singing the song but you have to match your lips with their song. It’s tough, but that’s what makes it so rewarding. But the most common question among creators is, how to make a good lip-sync video? To help you with this dilemma, we have made a range of steps that you should follow to make a good video.

Steps to make a good lip-sync video

To make a good lip-sync video, follow these steps mentioned.

  1. Pick a song: This is the most important step. Before starting to make the video, you will need to decide the song you want to use because that will determine whether the viewers would connect with it or not. For instance, if you use an unknown song, then the chance of success for that video has already reduced by 40%.
  2. Lighting arrangement: This is one area that most of the creators leave lightly. The lighting effect has a lot of effects on how you appear. If you make your video in a well-illuminated location, people are more likely to like your effort and appreciate it.
  3. Lip-sync: Now this is one thing that will decide how complete your video will look. It is important that your lips move with the lyrics as if you’re singing the song. If there’s even the tiniest of lag, it would destroy all the hard work you put in the video.

For even better understanding, you can take a look at this video

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