How To Promote Your YouTube Channel

How To Promote Your YouTube Channel

YouTube channel is the new black. This might sound like a cliché thing to say but in a generation of digital everything a YouTube channel is a must. While most people think YouTube is obsolete. YouTube still has 1.9 billion active monthly users. So if you are looking to promote anything, YouTube is your go to platform.

However, in order to promote your content or product you must have an active viewer base. So before promoting your product, promote your YouTube channel. Through today’s article we will give you certain tips and tricks to promote your channel and have an active viewer base.

Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel

  1. Keywords
  2. Titles
  3. Optimize Your Description
  4. Quality Over Quantity
  5. Interact Often
  6. Brand Collaborations
  7. Live Stream
  8. Promote on every platform
  9. Add a CTA button
  10. Run Challenges


Any good content platform requires a good SEO. And a good SEO starts with realizing what your users want. Eventually you will get the hang of it. But to start, use related keywords in your content. Users do not look for a general term but a specific term for what they want.

For example- Using a photoshop tutorial has gotten far more searches than tips for photoshop.

Use simple yet precise keywords. Keyword usage is not something that can be taught but something you learn during the process. There is no specific keyword you could use to promote your content better. Just make sure you use specific keywords that are short and precise.


Whenever anyone finds your channel, the first thing they look at it the title. So you have to make sure that the title is worth having a look at or it might be the last thing users look at too. While the title is all related to the content, there are a few tips you can follow to make them better.

  1. Keep it short and precise. Most of the videos that have an active viewer base have short and precise titles. The reason behind this is that titles might cut off display if they are long. So stick to short titles.
  2. Include the keyword in the beginning or at least in the second half. Keywords are search engine optimized and help the viewers find your video easily. Also, most people skip the whole title and just look for the relevant word. Adding keyword/s in the beginning will make your video more accessible.
  3. Do not have clickbait. While clickbait might be interesting it does not go with the long term reputation of the channel.

Optimize Your Descriptions

Just like your titles, one of the first things that users look at while loading your channel is the description box. So to make the most out of this, use your descriptions box wisely. Do not over anything, but also make sure to add relevant information, so the users can get a brief introduction of your video.

Add keywords in the first half of the description. This will make your video search engine optimized and easier to find. Also, you can relevant hashtags to make th3e video popular.

Remember do not overboard the descriptions box with hashtags. Hashtags are a good source of making the video trending. But they can also make the description lengthy and a little useless.


Quality Over Quantity

The quality over quantity advertisement might seem obvious but it is the most important tip to focus on. Good content is what will keep the viewers consistent with your channel.

Focus on making content which will not bore the audience. Micro sizing the content will always attract more users. The newer generation is the one who does not believe in lengthy 20-30 min videos. They are quick to learn and want an even quicker way to learn. Hence, keep your content short yet informative.

Interact Often

If you think that creating content is where it all ends. Think again. Interacting with your viewers will engage your audience even more. The best way to keep your audiences to engage more in your content is by answering their questions, get to know them a little. Do not be one of the rude creators who have a no contact policy.

Respond to their comments, react to their mentions. YES, even the negative ones. This will show how you to criticism constructively. And engage your active subscribers more.

Brand Collaborations

This might sound like a controversial statement because brands reach out to people with more subscribers, As ironic as this is, it is one of the ways to gain more active subscribers.

Start with getting small brands or small businesses to promote you against your promoting them. When you establish yourself in the brand promotion market, you would automatically start gaining followers. Also, you can monetize your promotions once you establish yourself.

Live Stream

Live streaming is one of the best ways to show your existing subscribers that you are here for them. Through live stream you get a chance to showcase your life and even interact with the subs. Also, you can earn money through live streaming!

In order to make money from YouTube live, you might have to go through a bunch of things. Making money from YouTube live is quite common, through superchat and AdSense. Once your channel has crossed 1000 subscribers and about 4000 hours of watch time, you are eligible to monetize your channel. First through superchat. Superchat is a digital tip that viewers can give you while watching your live streams. Second, through AdSense. You have to link your YouTube channel to an AdSense account and then get money.


Promote On Every Platform

Wanting more subscribers on YouTube does not mean just promoting your content on YouTube. Create a twitter handle and promote your content on it. Similarly, promote your YouTube channel on different platforms to attract more subscribers. You can always add a link to your channel on your Instagram profile.

Make sure not to promote just your channel but your content. Content is what attracts users the most.

Add A CTA Button

A CTA button means a call to action button. Every good channel and content provider needs a CTA button.

YouTube just released a new call-to-action extension for in-stream ads. But there are also lots of free ways to add CTAs to videos:

  • Direct Host-Mentions: Look into the camera and verbally tell viewers what you want them to do.
  • Video Descriptions: Ask viewers to comment, share, or like your video in the description itself.
  • End Cards / Screens: Add a customizable screenshots to the beginning, middle, or end of the video. These powerful visual cues add punch to your CTA.

Run Challenges

Challenges are one of the best ways to get more audience engagement. Even with a single challenge you can gain more subs and active followers. It is human to enjoy fun activities even while you are learning or just watching a video.

So add challenges but make sure you follow YouTube’s contest rules and not just put in anything you find.

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