Popular short video app in India -Changa App

Popular short video app in India -Changa App

In a bid to give a big competition to tiktok and Snack video apps, the Changa app has launched with a feature that will allow users to upload short video clips on the platforms.

After new updates, the new features will allow users to meet new people, and collaborate with them, video editing with amazing effects, messaging, sharing videos on other social media platforms.

Within a week of launch, Changa will become the most favorite short video platform for users. The popular made in India application for Indian audiences, also the team is working on an intuitive design and new refreshing experience for both creators and viewers.

Users can create their profile and start posting their own videos. The app has been beautifully categorized into genres like Dance and Music, Funny, TV and Movies, Travel, Romantic, Sports and Fitness, Spiritual and Culture, and Food. What’s more, new high-quality videos are uploaded daily, so users can enjoy the latest videos at any time of the day.

What features does the changa app offer the users?

Changa offers a wide range of features to its users, all of which help in creating attractive and entertaining short and sharable videos. Here are some of its key features.

1. Explore trending videos

The app allows you to explore and watch daily trending videos in just a swipe. You can also find famous Bollywood influencers on the app and follow them to stay updated on the content they post.

2. Video editor

The in-built video editor in the app allows the users to edit the video as per their liking and make it as trendy as possible to make their videos stand out. This video editor aims to make those videos easier than ever to edit, with all the right filters and features you’ll need.

3. Social Sharing

This feature must provide sharing options from the users to have, more fans and followers. It also gives to connect their profiles to other social media networks.

4. Amazing effects and filters

The filters are some of the best available because they range from artistic to natural, and can make simple selfies and photos of a family really pop. You can adjust the intensity of filters as well to explore different looks and edit different aspects of lighting and color within the app.

5. Music Library

Changa has come with a huge music library, sounds o tracks from music genres like Bollywood that is not limited to songs. It also has a big collection of famous dialogues in different regional languages.

How to make videos on Changa?

The User interface of the Changa app is quite similar to Tiktok, that’s why it is easy to use those who use tiktok before. Here is a short description of the app who have not used these apps before.

  • Once the app is installed, the first page that is open on your screen is the ‘trending videos’ page. You can watch trending videos by scroll down.
  • Click on the “plus” sign on the bottom middle of the page to create your short video. The plus sign also provides other options such as “Shoot”, “Edit video” and “Edit photo”.
  • Click on the “Shoot” option, and your phone camera will open. You can choose if you want to shoot using a back or front camera. The app provides various speeds of shooting the video ranging from slower to faster.
  • Once the recording is complete, you can add a few filters or effects to the video while editing it. You can also add stickers to the finished video.
  • When the video is edited, click on the “complete” button on the top right, and it shall take you to the next page to post the finished video.
  • Finally, you have to add a description of the video and proceed with posting the final clip.

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