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Rising profiles on Changa

Short videos are loved by everyone. They’re no longer than 30-40 seconds, but pack a lot of things in them. Most of the young generation loves making them and using such apps. Thankfully, we have a lot of users on our app that make us feel happy. They are uploading videos daily and sharing them around. There are many profiles that are making great content that is being showered by love from the users, while some are working hard to taste that success.

There are some users whose videos have got a lot of attention recently and they’re gaining good followers too. So in this article, we’re going to mention some profiles that have gained good followers in recent months.

1. Sonu Goyal

Sonu Goyal

Sonu has been gaining a lot of followers over the last few months. His videos are well-made and the videos he makes mostly consist of singing and lip-synching. He has around 5.8 Million followers and we hope he makes even better videos in the future and gains more fame.

2. Lucky Dua

Lucky Dua

Lucky is a very old user of our app. He has been with us from the start. He has been quite famous in the community and has been gaining a lot of new followers in recent months. He usually makes comedy videos and they are very good. He has more than 5.8 Million followers and the way he puts effort into his video, we expect him to grow even big.

3. Chai Sanju

Chai Sanju

Chai Sanju is a good user of our app who uploads videos very frequently. Her videos mostly revolve around dancing and lip-synching. She makes really nice videos and has got more than 6 Million followers. We hope her page keeps growing like this and she becomes more famous.

4. Tanvi Kashyap

Tanvi Kashyap

Tanvi is a great user on our app. She makes a lot of videos and her performances are really good. Her videos mostly focus on lip-synching, dancing, and acting. She has more than 4.4 Million followers and her videos get a good amount of views. We hope her videos go hit among other users and she gets a lot more fame and followers.

5. Sonali Rajsoni

Sonali Rajsoni

Sonali is a good performer on our app. She has been with us for a long time and makes good videos. She makes videos focusing on lip-synching, acting, and dancing. She has gained a lot of followers recently and her videos are also getting better slowly. She has a following of 5.2 Million and we believe she will grow big from here.

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