What is Changa biz and how to integrate it?

What is Changa biz and how to integrate it?

Changa biz is a short video platform created for your App & Website. In this, the creators and users are able to reach a huge audience with the help of its integration. It feeds embedded across a wide genre of videos.

Changa biz works with digital publishers, apps, and connected TVs to help them follow short stories that are now a must-have for audience engagement. Changa biz not only helps you to increase your website engagement but integrating changa can help you generate decent revenue by monetizing your app or platform.

Basically Changa lite also consider a short video creation. However, Changa lite is unlike other short video apps. Also, it is a live streaming platform where creators have seen an all-time high engagement spike.

It is a platform that helps publishers and creators create content that can then be posted anywhere, rather than just one app. Changa biz looks like this after integration.

Changa biz will help you to engage your traffic with entertaining content. Also, you have unlimited ad spots with unlimited earning potential. It has so many features such as a recording screen in which start and stop recording, reshoot the various parts of a short video and add music. You can integrate changa in your app & website.

After successful registration, you will be given access to the changa biz admin panel where you can administer Changa biz analytics like views, clicks, and earnings.

It conquers the teens of the social media community because this has really hit the nail on the head when it comes to engaging with the youngsters of the world. It might be a bit of a head-scratcher for the older generations, but it is news to the teens of the world. Since it is a newly launched app when compared to its competitors, it has a great potential to expand itself and try new experiments.

Since it is difficult for other established apps to try something new after gaining a lot of followers, it still has a large scope for new additions. One more thing we all know that the social media app is all the hype among youngsters, but many adult social media users have never heard of it and you might be wondering why. Simply put- it’s by design.

How to integrate it?

You can integrate changa biz in your app & website and also make money from changa biz after integration we show ads between videos. Its integration is done in only three clicks.

Whoever integrates Changa lite, their website’s engagement will increase and it intends to make money in many ways like Advertisement like YouTube uses interstitial ads.

For sponsored challenges and hashtags, brands can work with Changa biz to sponsor a challenge using a particular hashtag, and then encourage users to upload content with that sponsored hashtag. The winner of that particular challenge can then win something, and the sponsoring brand benefits from user engagement and impressions.

With Changa biz, creators and publishers can post their videos on the open web and this can be amplified lots of users across the globe. Nowadays the modern audience is most influenced by short stories or videos because the younger users and subscribers have grown up to a native mobile video experience on their favorite social media platforms, they expect the same engagement in their news.

As publishers innovate with business models, increased engagement will result because native video stories increase the engagement of your readership. It levels the playing field between text-only publications to now adopt a presence in short videos on the open web.

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