What Is Changa Biz?

What Is Changa Biz?

What is Changa Biz

Changa biz is a short video platform that enables users to create and display videos from a vast number of genres. These include news, entertainment, music, art, comedy, and a lot more. It is one of the most popular choices in the segment of short video apps and can be integrated into your platform for dynamic incentives. 

Why Do You Need Changa Biz?

With the growth of ingenuity among website and app creators, it is important to focus on the efficient synergy with users and consumers. This can be done by keeping them hitched with innovative ideas.

Changa Biz is a splendid pick for someone who owns a website or an app, not only to increase engagement with the users but to also monetize it. Changa Biz breaks the monotony of a regular website experience by adding a distinct dimension. 

How Does It Look Like?

Changa Biz can be integrated into a website or app as per your convenience. The videos of your choice from Changa Biz look like this once they are placed:

Multiple design variations are available in the admin panel of changa biz that you can choose from according to your need and design requirements.

The arrows on both sides of the screen enable the users to toggle through the various related videos and stay on a website or app for a longer period of time. 

Monetizing Through Changa Biz

It is totally possible to generate revenues by the integration of Changa Biz since it facilitates the display of ads between the videos. Ads are shown in between the videos and once a user clicks on an ad you will make money.The gap between two ads can be adjustable and the frequency can be managed. [Currently is feature is in development stage]

Advertisements are a top source of revenue generation for website and application creators. It is an interlinked chain where advertisers can gain new clients, the ad provider makes money for serving the ads, and the website or app owners earn through the clicks made by users on those ads.

The Process of Integration

Integrating Changa Biz into a website or application is a simple 3 click process. As easy as it sounds, the creator has to select a #Hashtag add the required field of videos, select the positioning, and integrate the codes into the website or app. The placement can be done anywhere on the page, the header, footer, or on the sides. 

Creating Custom Videos on Changa Biz

The creators can make their own customized videos in Changa Biz so that they can serve the users better. There are multiple templates available in changa biz that you can use to make a short video in minutes. For example, a website that publishes information and articles on online education can use customized videos like study hacks, tips, classroom memes, or short tutorials for engaging the viewers in an interactive manner. 

There are absolutely no barriers to creativity when it comes to making videos in Changa Biz, and it can be a boon for the platforms which prefer thinking out of the box.

Checking the Changa Biz Analytics

Once the onboarding process is done successfully, the creators are provided access to the Changa Biz admin panel. This panel enables administering Changa Biz analytics like the number of views and clicks and impressions, and how much money you have made. This admin panel creates a systematic platform so that all analytics can be measured under one single roof. 

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